Thomas FX Dunn - worst attorney in America - Whos Who Worldwide Registry and American Political Prisoners Miscarriage of Justice - Worst Lawyers
Worst Lawyer in America?   You've come to the right place, because Thomas FX Dunn has blown it YET AGAIN!!

If seventy thousand CEO's, C.O.O.'s, Chairman of the Boards, and Presidents of the Fortune 3000
were individually AND repeatedly scammed, you think the media might cover such a story?

Media blackouts & dirty attorneys:   Reed Elsevier, largest publisher on earth, enjoying
the greatest single influence on the legal/judicial community in America,  
couldn't handle being second-best, so they set out to crush the largest executive club ever created.

Thanks in no small part to Martin Beigelman, perhaps the most corrupt postal inspector in US history,
they succeeded, so 70,000 top executives lost their investment.    Not a whisper in the media.
It appears Thomas FX Dunn was determined to proactively prove himself the worst lawyer in America
Take a look at the secret Who's Who Worldwide trial, one of the dirtiest trials of the 20th century.


It is no small task to be declared the "Worst Lawyer in America," yet Thomas FX Dunn has surely earned the sobriquet.
Whether or not he shares his son's interest in obscenely young boys remains to be seen,
yet his future generations should know and remember Thomas FX Dunn as "the worst attorney in American history"

If ever a counselor, sucking at the publicly-funded federal teat,
earned himself the title of "Worst Lawyer in America," or "Worst attorney in American history,"
there can be little doubt that Thomas FX Dunn,
sharing a tiny office in New York City while ripping off the federal government as he goes to baseball games on "company time,"
is the coprophile who has earned that term.

Thomas FX Dunn "Worst Lawyer In America"

Let it be said here and now, Thomas FX Dunn, as a counselor, is horrible, and worse, deeply prejudiced by his own admission. Because of his criminally deficient ineffective assistance of counsel, he is to be remembered in this generation as the worst lawyer in America.

Who is the worst attorney in American history?

Any fairly competent mind who studies case histories of the worst lawyers in America,
who also examines the Who's Who Worldwide Registry trial
(and the capital murder case he lost at the same time),
must reasonably conclude that indeed, Thomas FX Dunn is the "worst attorney in American history"
It's really that simple and straightforward, and there are thousands of transcript pages that support the averral.
Can it be any wonder that his son declared himself as a teenager to be not merely a homosexual, which is hardly objectionable,
but that he desired young boys? There's something wrong with a father who's kid turns out that way.
Then again, what can be expected from the worst lawyer in America, genuinely the worst attorney in American history?